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Wow. These Guys Are AMAZING Pole Dancers. Wait, What? (SFW) (Video)

Pole Dancers

Here at The Buzz, we’ve had history with pole dancing. Often relegated to the underworld of scantily clad women who perform for ogling dollar bill rainmakers, I have shown how in some cases, this artform can be physically and artistically astounding.

Then there’s my ex-girlfirend who I ran into when I was at… Um. Never mind.

In any case, there is something to be said for scantily-clad acrobats, pouncing, swirling, ululating and sliding up and down a pole, in an impressive display of Olympian-like dexterity.

Even if those scantily-clad pole performers are dudes.

Wait. What?

Yep. This shows another side to the pole-dancing phenomenon that had taken the rap world, and the suburban-mom-readers-of-50-Shades-of-Gray world, by storm.

It’s an older video, so you may have seen it before, but if not, prepare to be amazed!

(And fellas, it’s still worth the watch, but be prepared to cringe a little. OK. A lot.)

And thanks to Eve for bringing this to my attention. Freak. 😉

Your Stupid Halloween Prank Isn’t This Good. Or As Well Choreographed.

Halloween Prank

It’s no Thriller, but it’ll do.

Game of Thrones: The Movie?

Game of Thrones

Not really.

But let’s play a game of What If!

What if HBO’s smash hit TV series Game of Thrones somehow became a movie, about a ragtag bunch of workers at a renaissance fair-styled amusement park?

What if the team behind the completely and utterly fantastically hilarious Bad Lip Reading series took on this hypothetical challenge with a priceless reworking of scenes from the show?

What if it was a video on YouTube?

What if I wrote about it here in the form of a bunch of What If? questions?

What if you read these What If? questions, and then watched the video?

What if you laughed?

What if you shared this post on Facebook and Twitter and at the PTA meeting and to a panhandler you encounter on your way to lunch.

What if I stopped with the

The Best Movie Trailer That’s Not A Movie Trailer, Ever

Best Movie Trailer

As the author of this very prestigious, highbrow, intellectually stimulating column, I have no patience for shenanagins (no matter how you spell shenanigans.)

No room for tomfoolery.

No time for petty hijinks.

Ha ha ha, ok, ok, I can’t pretend anymore. I mean, really. I’m the guy that brought you this. And this.

I have all the time in the world for shinanygans!

Check THIS out, as an elaborate stunt strikes hilarious terror (the best kind) in the hearts of unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Now THAT is how you promote something!

If only we could think of a clever way to do something similar for Jed Morey’s new book, The Great American Disconnect?

Anyway… Watch!

Ah, OK Republicans, NOW I Get It!

OK Republicans

Ok, so let me get this straight.

“Obamacare” is the law.

President Obama was re-elected, with everyone knowing he was going to keep Obamacare in place, so more people are OK with it than not.

Even many of those who aren’t totally OK with it, just want it tweaked a bit.

The Supreme Court has said the law is constitutional.

BUT, House Republicans say “Hey, wait a minute. We were elected too, and our constituents have said they want us to take Obamacare OUT. So we are sticking to our guns, and we found a way to get you Democrats to listen to what OUR constituents say, and if you don’t want to budge, and the government shuts down, well, that’s on you. We’re doing our DUTY to OUR constituents who have said NO to Obamacare.”

I can understand that. Even sounds righteous.

Until you realize, that THESE are some of the constituents you speak of.

The Most Amazing Video You’ve Ever Seen Today

Amazing Video

GoPro makes affordable, hi-definition cameras that you can attach to yourself while you do things.

It’s used in a lot of sporting events, to show a first-person point of view when an athlete is, for example, skiing or doing motorcross or other high-speed, high-intensity things, as the perspective is quite thrilling to those who have no shot in Hell at performing such a task.

They are cool. Some are mesmerizing.

Few are as heartwrenchingly sappy and tear-inducing as this.

(Obviously, watch in HD for maximum tugging of your heartstrings)

Technology Is Great, Especially When Someone Uses It To Show Us How Much It Isn’t

Marshall “Soulful” Jones

With the world a frenzy over the new iPhones or iOS or GTA5, I’m with this guy.

Marshall “Soulful” Jones – “Touchscreen”

Teacher inspires students, and probably everyone who watches this.

teacher inspires

Some of you might have seen this. It made some noise when it debuted on the New York Times website some time ago.

For those that haven’t seen it, it’s a nice investment of time. Inspirational on several levels, and something you’ll probably want to pass around.

Barack Obama Responds to Putin’s NYT Op-Ed

barack obama

But let’s make one thing perfectly clear: this is written by a man who is the head of Russia. Russia, where the air conditioning in the room conked out even though I was in the Presidential Suite. Russia, where no one smiles and where people actually look disappointed that they are white.

Read the entire “response” here.

hofstra transfer day today
hofstra transfer day today