18. Peter King | The Long Island Press Power List

18. Peter King

U.S. Representative (R-Seaford)

Long Island’s last Republican Congressman still makes waves when he speaks, and we can be thankful for that, although sometimes we just wish what he says would be washed away with the tide like flotsam off Jones Beach. But in fighting for New York’s rightful share of federal relief following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy—even if it meant crossing swords with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who voted against the measure yet had the audacity to show up at a New York State Republican fundraiser with his 10-gallon hat in his hand—King pulls no punches, whether he’s in the ring, or on the ropes. Having given up his chairmanship of the House Committee on Homeland Security, our Congressman hasn’t lost the spotlight—nor his love for it. Calling journalists who reported Edward Snowden’s leaks “traitors” ranks right up there with his Inspector Javert-like hunt for domestic Islamic terrorists. But he’s still our guy, and power is his middle name.