32. Martin Scheinman | The Long Island Press Power List

32. Martin Scheinman


You could call Marty Scheinman the master of the middle. As a nationally known arbitrator, he is the ultimate dealmaker in contentious conflicts that have roiled industries as diverse as publishing, brewing, and trucking—as well as places like Vassar College and Nassau County. While others may throw up their hands when a disagreement seems so intractable and entrenched as to defy the meaning of finding common ground, Scheinman gladly goes in where others fear to tread. And he bridges the great divides time and time again, handling more than 10,000 contract disputes throughout the United States. He’s also helped resolve more than 100 private claims of discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual preference or sexual grounds. This Sands Point resident is on the board of overseers of the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts and a founding board member of Equality Long Island, which advances equality and justice for GLBT Long Islanders. When push comes to shove, Scheinman gladly rolls up his sleeves and perseveres until a compromise is the only logical conclusion.