42. Paul Pontieri | The Long Island Press Power List

42. Paul Pontieri

Patchogue Village Mayor

Mayor Paul Pontieri has a reason to be excited about what’s happening in downtown Patchogue. When the TRITEC development is complete, he’ll have overseen the addition of 40,000 square feet of new retail, 15,000 square feet of new office space and 291 rental units—all in the heart of his village. Plus he’s also pushed for 45 affordable units for artists with the hope that they’ll help create “a mini-Soho.” Those are just the highlights of this ambitious mayor’s agenda to grow his community with a well-thought-out plan that will bring tax revenue and young people to make Patchogue a thriving destination that is more than just a train stop, a dock to Fire Island and a performing arts theatre. It’ll be a place with a future.