Steve Bellone

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His hair may be a touch grayer, but Bellone’s smile is still just as bright as when he delivered his first speech as Suffolk County executive. By all accounts, he’s brought a much-appreciated different tone to the H. Lee Dennison Building. There have been some rocky patches, to be sure—Superstorm Sandy probably the worst of them—along with closing the Foley Skilled Nursing Facility when his proposed sale hit a snag. But Bellone weathered those strong winds, with bipartisan support in the Legislature for many of his initiatives and praise for his leadership during the recovery effort. His focus on reducing county expenses, trimming payroll, even cutting his own salary, is on track to save taxpayers a lot of money. But, unfortunately, the county still faces a deficit of many millions, in part the legacy of his predecessor, but as time goes by, these fiscal problems are resting squarely on his shoulders. Let’s hope Steve never loses that winning smile.

2013 Power List Hall of Fame

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