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The Bronx Democrat is the first African American to hold the chamber's top post.

Skelos' office blasted the report as "thinly sourced" and irresponsible journalism.

But the next speaker will most likely hail from New York City.

The 70-year-old lawmaker has been accused of using his influence in the state to pad his pockets.

The veteran lawmaker served 20 terms in the State Senate representing the people of Suffolk County.

Cuomo’s lieutenant governor will be Kathy Hochul, a 56-year-old former Democratic Congresswoman from the Buffalo area.

"There are a lot of variables...I’ve been in many debates that I think were a disservice to democracy."

The Independent Democratic Conference announced that it has agreed to end its historic, bipartisan alliance with Republicans and form a new majority with Democrats after this November’s election.

The Compassionate Care Act, once signed into law, would allow health practitioners to prescribe marijuana to patients with cancer or other life-threatening conditions by the end of next year—but no smoking.

ATS hired a lobbyist to push the “School Bus Camera Safety Act” in the state Legislature, records show.