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Services will be held 11 a.m. Thursday at Amityville Cemetery, 55 Harrison Ave, in Amityville.

The reward is quadruple the amount Crime Stoppers is offering for tips in the Long Island Serial Killer probe.

Attorneys for the family made that announcement on the same week that they released the results of Gilbert’s first autopsy and toxicology tests—which found no trace of drugs in her system.

“I thought the case was really fascinating and terrifying and really lends itself to a movie.”

I’ve made it a point to avoid anything connected to the “Long Island Serial Killer” case that results in a profit for anyone other than the victims’ families. So I had no intention of reading Lost Girls.

The 31-year-old Queens woman had been reported missing three months ago.

Suffolk police said they do not believe the woman to be connected to the serial killer investigation.

Still no answers on May 1 anniversary