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"One step at a time. Haha. Your dad prob needs to make a call."

Cleaning up after drilling through bathroom tile is a breeze when all the dust falls right into a paper cup taped to the wall.

“Make sure that your measurements are specific, because once you’re drilling in tile, it’s impossible to patch. It’s not like sheetrock.”

Durego said Skelos lost his temper with officials affiliated with the Real Estate Board of New York, telling the men he'd "F" them if they didn't "pony up" and donate to keep Republicans in control of the state Senate.

Windows and doors to victim's home were not tampered with, say police.

"He's full of shit," Dean Skelos said of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

"It is not the refugee outflows that cause terrorism, it is terrorism, tyranny and war that create refugees."

We can't just sit around waiting for a rainy day until the well runs dry. Now is the time to plan for climate change.

“This service is unique to all others, as it is a benefit of membership and a built-in support system to help you achieve extraordinary.”

“Consider the Accord’s shoes as nicely filled as ever.”