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He won 85 percent of the vote over his Democratic challenger.

Two of the six candidates are named Kennedy—and they’re both Republicans, although one’s a man, the other a woman.

“Our current facility, as built and designed, was a grammar school, not a police academy.”

The suit pits the troubled actress from Merrick against the conservative pundit from Centre Island.

Forecasters said to expect flash-frozen melted snow on roadways to make driving “treacherous.”

The veteran Democratic county legislator pleaded guilty mail fraud.

The county formed the new agency to crackdown on an influx of illegal cabs.

The client paid the lawmaker’s former firm a total of $2,342,607 for legal services never provided and expenses never incurred, according to the complaint.

Results of the other 21 Assembly seats on LI were largely predictable.

Announcement comes two months after an Islip lawmaker under the cloud of a toxic dumping scandal dropped out of a state Senate race.