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This would be the first such facility in the tri-state area and only the fifth in the entire country.

First place prize is a Canon PowerShot SX280 HS digital camera valued at more than $200

The Suffolk County information technology department commissioner admitted to falsifying paperwork for a $5-million computer software contract without legislative approval a day after he...

“Hundred-year storms happen with regularity,” Bellone said, “this was a 500-year storm.”

There has been a push for the past decade to turn Wyandanch around. It has become a battle to restore hope and to revive the spirits of a divided population.

“This settlement is a victory for the First Amendment and for the public good,” the videographer said.

“I’m not necessarily 100-percent convinced, but I don’t believe that my personal opinion should obstruct the voters,” said Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory (D-Amityville).

The county will borrow money to restore the $30 million it took from the fund and put a referendum on ballots in November designed to ensure that such a move doesn't happen again.

“It smells like a sewer. Like cesspool trucks had been dumping in there.”

“We have received indication that there may have been dumping at other locations,” Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota said of the five alleged illegal toxic dumpsites already under investigation.