Barry Bonds Trial, Kimberly Bell took Stand on Monday

The trial for Barry Bonds continues to heat up. His former girlfriend, Kimberly Bell was on trial speaking about Bonds and what it was like to be with him during his alleged steroid use.

She told the U.S. District Court that Bonds suffered from impotence, hair loss and acne. She also said his testicles took an unusual shape.

According to Bell, Bonds told her that he used steroids to help with an elbow injury.

“He said it was because of the steroids, because it somehow caused the muscle and tendons to grow faster than the joint could handle, it sort of blew out,” she testified.

Bonds pleaded not guilty to lying to a grand jury about whether he knowingly used steroids.

The defendants are accusing Bell of using this opportunity to grab attention for a book she plans to write. During the cross examination, Bonds’ attorney asked why she signed a deal to write a book.

At one point Bonds’ attorney asked Bell if she was hoping to get rich on the book.

Bell responded by saying she had no hopes of becoming rich from the book. She did the Playboy interview because she needed the money at the time and her agent ran off with her money. He later hung himself.
It is no telling yet whether or not Bell will have any influence of the trial over Bonds.