Blip.tv Relaunches Website

Screen shot 2011 05 17 at 12.32.13 PMFans of original web-created shows will now have an easier time finding their favorite Internet videos.

Web series network, blip.tv relaunched its new website in an effort to make popular web series easier to find, and to provide producers with the tools to better interact with their viewers.

The new website now allows viewers to find shows that are popular, trending or new to the network.

Episodes and shows are broken up into 16 categories and are handpicked by blip.tv’s editors. Some of the genres include: comedy, drama, sports, fashion and video games.

Blip.tv works closely with the producers who provide the content for the website, and even share advertising revenue with them.

Along with creating web shows, producers will now be able build social media profiles and recommend videos that they think fans might enjoy.

“Until now there hasn’t been a single website dedicated to showcasing the most entertaining series on the web. Today we are launching that site,” Mike Hudack, CEO and co-founder of blip.tv said in a statement.

“We’re focused on helping people discover the best original series and allowing producers to build sustainable series for the long-term. The launch of this site helps us achieve both of these goals and marks a turning point for blip.tv and the emerging industry of original web series.”

Blip.tv said previous web shows like Day[9]TV, Red vs. Blue, Smosh, Nostalgia Critic and Old Jews Telling Jokes, will also appear on the site.

“This new site is all about bringing professionalism, organization and curation to a currently chaotic medium,” Damian Bruno, the new website’s general manager said in a statement.

“We focused first and foremost on helping fans find the most entertaining series to enjoy, and we made sure to do it in an orderly way that supports the needs of audiences, producers and advertisers. Today’s launch represents the starting point for blip.tv to build a site that’s immersive and that houses the best in original Web series.”

Blip.tv will also create an updated version of their iPhone and iPad applications, according to the New York Times.