The New-Found Pictures of Marilyn Monroe

Associated Press

Anton Fury of New Jersey, was a determined photographer during the 1980’s, when he purchased two envelopes of negatives from a garage sale in 1980. After taking the negatives home for $2, he looked under a loupe and saw that the pictures were of 1950’s sex symbols, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

Fury did not do much with the photographs for almost three decades, until he decided to fly to Los Angeles to talk to Beverly Hills art dealer, David W. Streets. According to CNN, Anton told Streets that he knew the photos were taken in Los Angeles, but there are many more questions that have unclear answers.

“We know that Monroe and Mansfield were here working at the same time, were contemporaries, and friends,” Streets told CNN.

According to the report, Streets has become frustrated with the fact that he cannot find the information he desires about the photos. He tells CNN, “For me as an appraiser and as a researcher, I want people to call, I want people to e-mail and say, ‘This is where it is, this is what it is, this is who I think took it.”

The pictures were reportedly taken when Marilyn Monroe was just 24-years-old, right before her rise to fame.  In the pictures, Monroe is sitting by a pool wearing a bathing suit and shorts. In both, the Monroe and Mansfield pictures, there is an unknown man in the negatives. Streets’ thought is that it may be their photographer, but nothing is confirmed.