E. Coli Outbreak Hits Europe

(Photo: thebrainchildgroup.com)
(Photo: thebrainchildgroup.com)

Green isn’t so good after all.

Europe is running from their vegetables due to an outbreak of E. coli.

Nineteen people have already died from this inexplicable outbreak while 2000 others have gotten sick. The first detection of the bacteria outbreak was on May 1 in Germany.

Germany was hit the hardest with a reported 18 deaths and 520 were sickened from the bacteria that experts say will burdened them with lifelong complications and possible kidney failure.

Philstar.com notes that the outbreak has become so deadly due to the detection of two separate aggressive E. coli bacteria that are very unique. This particular episode is one of the third-largest waves of E. coli in history, killing the most people to date.

The bacteria epidemic has spread to 10 European countries and has been traced back to raw vegetables but scientists are unable to explain why it even began and how it started.

Although most outbreaks affect children and seniors, this unique strain is mostly attacking adult women.

Countries unaffected by the bacteria have issued bans on vegetables from countries that have sick patients in them. Many countries like Spain are outraged that vegetables from countries with the outbreak were not quarantined and left out of circulation.

Schools in affected areas have opted to stop serving vegetables to students while farmers complain that they are losing millions.

Researchers are hopeful that the epidemic will slow soon due to the fact that most people recover from E. coli within 10 days. The outbreak has hit a total of 12 countries, according to Fox, and there is no proof that it was, in fact, vegetables that caused the contaminations. Scientists cannot explain the episode but request that citizens remain calm.