PlayStation Vita: Best New Handheld Gaming Device

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Associated Press
Picture 9
Associated Press

Just this week, Sony Corp. released information on regarding its brand new portable gaming device called the PlayStation Vita. The Vita includes newer technologies such as touch-interface and motion-sensitivity that will blow older handhelds out of the water. It will hit stores before the winter holidays and costs $249.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, company executives have called the device Sony’s biggest product launch since the PlayStation 3 five years ago.

The device was first displayed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, an annual convention in the video game industry, also known as E3.

The Vita will allow users to connect with other gamers via cell phone networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. The device is also equipped with GPS location-tracking technology.

Another version of the Vita that will also include cell phone service will retail for $299. For this enterprise Sony Corp. has partnered with AT&T Inc. for cell phone service.

The Vita is equipped with a touch screen in the front, a touch pad on the back, two knob-like joysticks, and both front and back cameras. The Vita was designed in this way in order to allow wireless gamers to compete amongst the many other people playing on PlayStation 3 consoles over their Internet-based PlayStation Network.

Recently the PlayStation Network experienced major problems and was closed down for an extended period of time due to a massive hacking attack. Sony apologized to their gamers for this major inconvenience. Fans are hoping that these bugs are fixed before the Vita hits the network as well.

The Vita is also equipped with an accelerometer, allowing it to react to being held at various angles and movement through the air. It is slightly larger in dimensions than that of its predecessor the PlayStation Portable and is sure to be a hit with PlayStation fans across the world.