‘Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster’ Video Game

Sesame Street

Screen shot 2011 06 11 at 12.25.08 PMEver wanted to play along side the legendary characters from Sesame Street? Well, this fall you will have an opportunity to do so.

The game: “Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster” is set to come out later this year for Kinect for X Box 360.

When gamers play using Kinect, there are no controllers—which allows for a more interactive experience.

The game, of course, is geared at children who can take advantage of the motion controls that comes with Kinect to play as Elmo, Cookie Monster, and other Sesame Street characters.

The Sesame Street characters follow a book titled “Once Upon a Monster” as they go on adventures and make friends with the monsters they find along the way.

Since the game is meant for children the monsters aren’t there to frighten the kids, but instead, the goal of the game is to help the monsters get through their problems during their journey.

And since thousands of parents were fans of Sesame Street when they were children, nobody will be critical of a parent playing alongside their child.

Matt Clark, who wrote a preview for an MTV blog says: “What’s great about that premise is that as a parent playing the game with your kid, or even just an adult playing for fun, you’re able to enjoy the story without the usual monotony of most family titles.”

Parent and child can wave their arms in the air, and stomp around the living room during the interactive experience while playing the game.

And gamers shouldn’t get too tired because the storybook doesn’t seem very long, with only six chapters to get through, according to the blog. And the children get to meet a new monster every time they advance to the next chapter of the storybook video game.

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