Rush Limbaugh Introduces Sweet Tea

rush limbaughRush Limbaugh has served the ears of America for years and now he plans to focus his energy on a whole new body part—our stomachs.

The conservative radio host has launched his own sweet tea brand to support his fight against the left.

The tea called “Two If By Tea,” was introduced Wednesday by Limbaugh.

“Tea is a big deal to me,” Limbaugh told his listeners, according to My Fox DC. “Folks it is kick butt.”

Americans do love tea, and even those who don’t enjoy listening to the radio host have to admit the illustration on the cover of the bottle will provide some entertainment.

The blue labeling on the 16 oz. bottle has Limbaugh wearing blue colonial gear while he rides a horse and clutches a bottle of his new favorite tea in his hand.

Four different flavors are available for purchase. There is Original Sweet Tea, Diet Original Tea, Raspberry Tea, and Diet Raspberry Tea.

This is how the Original Sweet Tea is describe on the “Two If By Tea” website:

“It’s a traditional black tea that is not too bitter and not too sweet – In other words, it’s just right.”

The website also has a letter from Limbaugh giving potential customers and idea about what the product is all about.:

The Liberals are coming.

The Liberals are coming.

My good friend Paul Revere laid out the blueprint of how to deal with this. Sound the alarm! One if by land, Two If By Tea™!

Two If By Tea™ represents traditional American values of capitalism and the pursuit of excellence. Each bottle is designed to rise above the sameness and mediocrity that threatens our great nation. Just grab a 12-pack and join the fight to preserve the America we know and love. It’s worth it!

He ends the letter by saying:

“Fellow Americans, hold on to our exceptional values, stand up against those who want to suppress your individual rights and above all take pride in being an American! While you’re at it, join me in drinking a bottle of my tea as we admire the great United States of America and the military and law enforcement officials who fight to defend our freedom every day. Thank God, yes God, for the blessings of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and of course, this wonderful drink – Two If By Tea™!”