Southwest Airlines 40th Birthday Celebration

Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 40th birthday and therefore offering $40, $80, and $120 depending on the route. The offer is only good between Tuesday and Thursday of this week and is good for one-way fares. There are also certain limitations. Travel dates have to be between August 23 and November 16 excluding Fridays and Sundays.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the $40 deal is good for short flights (up to 451 miles). Eighty bucks will take the traveler to trips between 451-1,250 miles and the $120 fare will cover trips over 1,251 miles. These prices do not include taxes and fees.

One other restriction is that the offer is good online only. Southwest Airline’s website is slow due to the high demand. The homepage welcomes you with a counter that shows how much time is left for the deal to end. It started the countdown at 72 hours.

Due to the constant rise in gas prices, the airline industries needed to keep raising their fares throughout the past years. Travelers were forced to travel by other means like bus or train whenever possible. This was cheaper than air travel, but more time-consuming. The frequent flier did not see numbers in double digits for a long time pertaining air travel.

So Southwest’s three day special will come in handy for the client fitting in all the restrictions. It might be that mostly college students and fall time travelers will snag a low fare trip out of this. It is also expected to get good feedback for Southwest with the low airfare offer, even if it is just for three days.

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