Google Doodle Celebrates Independence Day

Google Doodle
July 4th Doodle

Google used their famous doodle to wish America happy birthday on Monday.

There is no American flag, but there are of course, fireworks, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and baseball.

Google used social media to announce the picture, saying on Twitter: “From sea to shining sea, a very happy Fourth to everyone.” They tweeted out a picture of the image with the message early Monday morning.

Although the doodle’s have been receiving a lot attention in recent years, Google started doodling in 1998 when the company’s founders were at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. They placed a stick figure drawing behind the second “o” in the word, and thus the Doodle was born.

Google’s most recent global doodle came in June, when they created an interactive guitar in honor of Les Paul’s birthday. Google took it to another level, allowing people to play the guitar right from their homepage.

The search engine has also created a doodle store, where people can buy a shirt of some of their favorite images.

Monday’s July 4th doodle doesn’t have any interactive features, but it is clearly American with a rainbow connecting a mountain to the Statue of Liberty as fireworks sparkle in a blue night sky over Lady Liberty.

The red, white and blue doodle also features a horse wearing a cowboy hat, guitar, baseball, owl, sports car, and a house with a white picket fence in celebration of Independence Day.