Tiger Woods Rumored to Make Announcement Today

Rob Carr / AP
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Rob Carr / AP

Rumors spread throughout the Internet late Sunday night that golf star Tiger Woods’ would make an important announcement regarding his career on Monday at 11a.m. on the Golf Channel.

Golf journalist Scott Michaux posted on Twitter late Sunday night that the struggling professional golfer would be “sitting down with [Golf Channel’s] Kelly Tilghman tomorrow at 11 a.m.” and went on to say that he “bet [Woods is] shutting it down for the year.”

Speculation about the subject of the statement accompanied the post on Twitter, and Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg’s adamant denial of the possibility of any announcement has propelled the rumors even further.

Steinberg told the Associated Press on Monday that there was, “an erroneous report that he’s making an announcement, but he’s not.”

NBC SportsBlog writer Ryan Ballengee proposed theories ranging from the possibility that Woods is “done for 2011,” and the less probable idea that he is “getting a new dog” or “a Japanese heat rub.” Ballengee also proposed that perhaps the struggling golfer, whose knee and Achilles heel injuries prevented him from playing in both the U.S. and British Opens, might be having surgery that will end his year in golf.

NPR revealed that the interview will be by Kelly Tilghman and that the network’s headquarters refused to state whether or not Woods would appear on TV but simply said, “stay tuned to see.”

Yahoo’s Devil Ball Golf Blog writer Shane Bacon also speculated that the discussion may involve talk of Woods relationship with Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who has treated Woods before and was charged in 2009 with selling an unapproved drug called Actovegin. Authorities allegedly found vials of Human Growth Hormone in Galea’s possession, as well. Galea has also been linked to New York Yankee’s third basemen Alex Rodriguez.

Update: USA Today revealed that Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg would be interviewed instead.