National Nude Day Today

Today is National Nude Day.

“National nude day is July 14th!!! Please plan on being nude at some point on this most sacred and hallow of holidays. So have fun, be safe, and get ready to play some TWISTER!!!!! PS (send pics),” states The National Nude Day Facebook page.

Unfortunately, because of its legal ramifications, streaking is no way to celebrate this day. Where can you celebrate? Take up an umbrella at a nude beach.

National Nude Day comes on the heels of Nude Recreation Week that took place from July 4 to July 10. This year’s theme was “The Year Of Making Waves” and beckoned bare bodies to take in clothing-optional activities at local beaches or resorts.

“Americans continue to suffer from hard financial times and we continue to look for economic ways to enjoy inexpensive down time. Isn’t it time for designated officials across this nation to give skinny-dipping its place in the sun,” said Nicky Hoffman Lee, spokesperson for The Naturist Society, in a press release.

One of the most popular Long Island naturist spots is Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island. Portions of Lighthouse Beach have long been clothing optional. If you’re not near Lighthouse Beach and you’re looking for one in your area, click here and check out the map of clothing optional places across the nation.

If you do find a clothing optional beach you want to visit, according to Travasuns.org, they’re are somethings you must know. Here are some of the Do’s and Dont’s of nude etiquette:

  • Do obey parking regulations and other posted rules. They’re there for a reason.
  • Do bring a towel, blanket or some equivalent. It’s common practice when nude to place something between your bare buns and any public surface you sit or lie down on.
  • Do ask before taking pictures. You can’t legally be stopped from taking pictures in public places, but asking permission is common courtesy. Not everyone wants to be in some stranger’s photo album. And remember: parents should always  be asked before children are photographed.
  • Do speak up for standards. If a person seems unaware of proper etiquette, explain  what’s expected—politely of course. If he or she doesn’t respond to polite suggestion, it’s appropriate to notify the club manager or staff, a lifeguard, a beach user group volunteer, or someone else who can help get the message across.
  • Don’t engage in overt sexual activity or exhibitionism. Nude is not lewd!
  • Don’t stare at, harass, or otherwise intimidate other beach users. Be polite and courteous, just as you’re expected to be in a clothed social setting.
  • Don’t trample on or through environmentally sensitive areas. If the sign says “Keep Out,” obey it.