‘The Inside Experience’: New Interactive Movie ‘The Inside Experience’ Launched

(Photo: Facebook)
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Fictional Character Christina Perasso (Photo: Facebook)

Ever want to control the movie you are watching and even be a part of it? Intel and Toshiba have come together with director D.J. Casuso to form “The Inside Experience,” a film created in real time, right now affected by social users.

The new Hollywood experience began on July 25th and requires the help of Internet users. Part of the movie is posted daily with real comments and posts that can be seen on an actual Facebook page.

“The Inside Experience” is a social film starring Emmy Rossum who plays fictional character, Christina Perasso, who is kidnapped and trapped in a room with only a computer. She attempts to escape using social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Her story is happening right now, on the Internet and in real time as users send their support and offer her help. A Facebook and Twitter account are set up in Perasso’s name and as she tracks her movements her followers and fans comment with daily YouTube videos.

The plot is essentially a story about a busy young woman who wakes up trapped in a room and her only means of escape is using social devices, but the ending is up to Internet users all over the world.

Social media users are the ones who determine which way her life will go and how the story will eventually turn out.

Reuters explains that the trailer alone generated 1.75 million views before the actual launch while the first video of the movie took the site offline due to an abundance of viewers. The film gives the audience a chance to audition for the spotlight and help Perasso escape from captivity.