Amy Adams: Pictures Released of Amy Adams in ‘Man of Steel’

Amy Adams on set of “Man of Stell”
Amy Adams on set of “Man of Stell” Photo Credit: Kimber Dolan
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Amy Adams on set of "Man of Stell" Photo Credit: Kimber Dolan

It seems like filmmakers are all getting into the habit of slowly teasing moviegoers with on-set pictures for movies that aren’t close to hitting theaters.

Now getting into the action are the creators of the latest Superman film “Man of Steel” which is slated to come out in 2013.

Using its Facebook page, makers of the superhero film released pictures of Amy Adams, shooting the film in Plano, IL—which will be the set of Clark Kent’s hometown of “Smallville.”

Pictures from set

The crew was filming at a local 711 when the photos of Adams were shot. In the latest version of Superman, Adams plays Daily Planet reporter and Superman love interest, Lois Lane.

Other pictures of Amy Adams

Adams is seen standing in front of 711 with other members of the crew as they shoot a scene for the upcoming film.

Filmmakers also released photos of stores that will be used in the movie, as well as damaged cars and trucks that look to be the work of the “Man of Steel” himself.

More pictures from set

One Facebook user seems to be happy about the addition of Adams, saying, “Most beautiful Lois Lane ever,” under one of the photo’s.

Playing Clark Kent and Superman in Director Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” is Henry Cavill, who appeared in the movie “Stardust” with Robert De Niro, and the TV series “The Turdors.”

Russell Crowe plays Jor-El, Superman’s Kryptoninan father, while Jonathan and Martha Kent will be played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.