Russian Company Plans To Open Space Hotels

Associated Press
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Associated Press

A Russian company, Orbital Technologies, released plans on Monday to open space hotels.

According to the Daily Mail, the Russian company has developed space modules that may soon be the newest, coolest vacation to take. However, these amenities would obviously only be accessible to the wealthy. Experts estimate that a five day long trip to the so-called space hotels would cost around $100,000; not including the $250,000 spent on coal to get there.

Orbital Technologies chief executive, Sergei Kostenko, believes the orbiting hotels will be far more comfortable than the typical space stations. The hotels have room for seven visitors in four different cabins. Guests will be able to choose either vertical or horizontal beds, in light of the weightlessness of space. The showers will be sealed so that no water is able to float out.

The compound itself is approximately 706 cubic feet. The Commercial Space Stations (CSS) will hover some 217 miles above the earth. They will be accessible via Russian Soyuz rockets.

Each module will have large windows allowing you to view earth and the surrounding space. Each cabin will be equipped with binoculars and cameras for the guests convenience.

The space modules are rumored to be up and running by 2016.

According to Orbital Technologies, the purpose of their Commercial Space Stations is to “accommodate several diverse industry functions that have been identified through years of research, operational experience and requests that have been made by our strategic partners.”

What do you think about these Commercial Space Stations? Cool idea or total waste of money and research?