Casey Anthony Lawyer Under Investigation: Jose Baez Investigated By The State Bar of Florida

Casey Anthony Jose Baez in court

Jose Baez is in hot water. It was only a month ago that the lawyer became known across the United States– He helped get Casey Anthony out of a murder sentence involving the death of her young daughter.

According to TMZ, Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, is currently being investigated by the State Bar of Florida for possible ethical violations. The site is reporting that the investigation is over probation. Anthony was placed on one-year probation following a 2010 conviction. During Anthony’s trial, the judge made a mistake and while he said her jail time while awaiting trial would not count toward her completion of probation, he mistakingly wrote that the jail time would count.

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According to Orlando Sentinel, last month, when Anthony was acquitted of murder and released from jail, she wasn’t put on probation.

After the judge realized the error, Anthony’s attorneys were questioned and Baez reportedly revealed that he did know about the error but said he had no obligation to inform the court of it. According to Orlando Sentinel, Judge Perry eventually issued an order stating Anthony does have to report to probation.

This won’t be the first time Baez has been under investigation by the bar, according to WFTV, he’s been investigated at least two other times since he took Casey’s case.

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