Burger King Fires King: Burger King Fires Mascot, Introduces Healthier Options


burger king 12Burger King’s King is out of a job after the fast food chain decided to jump onto the health food bandwagon, according to USA Today.

The company is attempting to set a healthier trend by axing his Highness and featuring fresh vegetables and fruits on its commercials instead. It is also introducing a new California burger that includes fresh guacamole.

Although the new burger is still a whopping 580 calories, it does shave off 100 calories from the rest of the menu’s sandwiches.

The franchise is trying to keep up with its main competitor McDonald’s. The restaurant chain has already implemented a healthy choice menu and has since seen positive growth, while Burger King struggles with negative.

Ultimately Burger King decided that its mascot and other things that bring in hoards of youngsters are not as profitable as attracting moms who are more likely to buy their children healthier food.

They join a number of fast food chains that have realized the importance of focusing on customer’s waistlines along with their pockets.

Other franchises like Subway have made millions off health food junkies and many restaurants and take-out menus now have special low calorie diet options.

Robert Passikoff is the President of Brand Keys, which surveys consumers on preferences. He explains, “There was a time when price value was king, now, healthy choice and quality drive the category.”