Missing Lauren Spierer Landfill Search Continues


lauren spierer pictureThe search for missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer is continuing Monday morning at the Sycamore Ridge Landfill.

Federal officials have returned to the landfill to sift through tons of trash in search of evidence that could lead to the whereabouts of Spierer.

More Pictures of Lauren Spierer & the Investigation

Monday’s search is expected to last 12 hours and will take place in a part of the landfill where Bloomington, Indiana trash is deposited.

Spierer disappeared two months ago on June 3. She was last seen walking alone only a few blocks from her apartment in Bloomington at 4:30 a.m. Since then, very few people have come forward with information on the night Spierer went missing.

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Spierer’s family plans to return to Indiana University with more missing persons fliers on August 28.

Spierer is from Greenburgh, New York and is living in Indiana to attend university. She is in her junior year.

Police  have said the landfill search could take up to two weeks.

Lauren was last seen leaving Kilroy’s Sports Bar, which closed at 3 a.m., near the corner of 11th Street and College Avenue.

Spierer never made it home, according to video cameras at her apartment complex that contain no footage of the missing woman.

Spierer suffers from a heart condition called Long QT Syndrome, which could result in irregular heart beats and fainting spells.

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