Cliff Robertson Dead

Associated Press
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Cliff Robertson / Associated Press

Cliff Robertson has passed away this past weekend.

According to TMZ, Robertson, a Watermill resident, died at the age of 88 Saturday. He reportedly died of natural causes in Stony Brook. He died only one day after his birthday.

The Associated Press reported that Roberson’s son-in-law, Donald Saunders reportedly said he died at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

According to Ibtimes.com, Robertson began his movie career in 1955 with “Picnic.” But Roberston is most famous for portraying John F. Kennedy in the movie “PT-109” as well as his recent roles in ‘Spider-Man’ movies, in which he played Uncle Ben Parker. He also took a role in “Charly” in which he played a disabled man. He took home an Academy Award for his role.

Robertson leaves behind a daughter, Stephanie Saunders (He had another daughter Heather who died in 2007 of cancer) and one grandchild. He was married twice but twice divorced to Cynthia Stone and Dina Merrill.

Robertson enjoyed flying and owned many aircrafts including vintage. He was airborne directly over the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 when a passenger aircraft struck the twin towers. He was grounded immediately.