Joey DeFrancesco Quits Job With Marching Band Video

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Screenshot from YouTube video
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Screenshot from YouTube video

In this economy, quitting a job is not something you hear about often. People are usually struggling to maintain their job or just hoping to find one.

But employed 23-year-old, Joey DeFrancesco, did the unlikely, and quit his job.

In fact, he made the fantasy of quitting his job in a spectacular way, a reality when he brought his band-mates to help him quit—The band showed up with their trumpets, saxophones, tuba, drums and cymbals.

DeFrancesco was working for Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Rhode Island for over three years and was fed up with the way he was treated by his boss.

He walked into the hotel with a 19-piece band and waited for his boss to arrive. As soon as the boss arrived, he told the band to leave but not without DeFrancesco handing him a resignation letter.

The newly unemployed man walked out as the band played, causing quite the scene. A recording of the incident went viral on YouTube and has received over 1 million hits in the week since it’s been posted.

Now the YouTube star is quite busy with interviews and showing face on local news reports, and is now employed elsewhere.

Check out the video.

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