“Family Guy” 9/11 Episode (Video)

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Picture 44‘Family Guy’ is known for pushing the limits. This week is no different with a scene that sparks up 9/11 controversy.

Sunday, Nov. 13, an episode called “Back to the Pilot” followed Brian and Stewie as they went back in time.

According to AOLTV, they go back in time to 1999, the year the ‘Family Guy’ pilot aired on Fox. The two went back in time to change history and ultimately prevent that 9/11 attacks.

This, of course, alters the future. Because of their choice to prevent the terrorist attacks, an outbreak of a civil war erupts leaving the two at a crossroads: do they still change the past?

Ultimately, Stewie and Brian decide to let the attacks of Sept. 11 happen. The choice will then prevent a grim future and ultimate Civil War.

The questionable episode brings up a very touchy subject for Americans, and although the Stewie and Brian prevented a second Civil War, most controversial is the fact that the cartoon creators wrote this ultimatum and grim future.

According to the Huffington Post, interestingly enough, the cartoon’s creator, Seth MacFarlane has said that he was supposed to fly on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11th, and only a hangover and fate kept him from boarding.

Check it out.

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