We The Kings ‘Say You Like Me’ Video: Released

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Picture 48We The Kings finally debuted their highly-anticipated interactive video game music video this week.

Tuesday “Say You Like Me” went viral. The video combines music and gaming and even allows viewers to get in on the action by controlling band members. The mission: to help save the heroine after being kidnapped from cartoon characters—Through the video game music video, fans will also be able to compare scores online.

“We’ve grown up in the world of gaming,” the band’s Travis Clark told Billboard.com. “It’s one of those ideas that you think, right off the bat, ‘It’s going to be impossible.’ We ended up making this music video that honestly believe might change the music video world forever.”

“Say You Like Me” comes from the band’s third album “Sunshine State of Mind,” that was released back in July. It follows the band’s debut album “We the Kings” and second album “Smile Kid.”

“She’s the girl that no one ever knows, and I say hi/ But she’s too shy to say hello/ She’s just waiting for that one to take her hand and shake her up, I bet I could,” sings We The Kings in “Say You Like Me.” “I wish my heart was always on her mind cause she’s on mine like all day, all the time/ Forget me not, forget me now/ I’ve come too far to turn around/I’m here tonight.”

The song comes as the band’s second single from “Sunshine State of Mind” and follows the first, “Friday Is Forever.”

“Cause I’m never going down, I’m never giving up/ I’m never gonna leave/So put your hands up/ If you like me/ Then say you like me,” sings We The Kings. “I’m never going down/ I’m never giving up/I’m never gonna leave/ So put your hands up/ If you like me/ Then say you like me.

Check out the music video.