Top 10 Tuesday: Long Island Towns That Are Hard to Pronounce

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Massapequa (bestbuyerbroker.com)

Mass-a-pe-qua. Just trying to break it down for all those non-Long Islanders who can’t pronounce Massapequa, or just don’t care enough to try.

So this is for those people, and those who live on Long Island who can’t pronounce certain town names. It is difficult, we know, that’s why we here at Top 10 Tuesday thought it would be a good idea to list some of the villages/hamlets/towns that cause momentary brain farts for those unfamiliar to our lovely island.

And Massapequa isn’t the only difficult place on Long Island to pronounce, we have some place called Aquebogue, and a village named Matinecock. Yes, Long Island, you should know that.

Even more interesting is what the name of these towns actually mean. One great place on Long Island means “Head of the Bay,” and another is “place where the large ground-nuts grow.” Cool, right?

So this is for you Long Island. And youuuu, people who don’t even attempt to try to understand Long Island!

Enjoy our Top 10 list of Long Island places that’s difficult to pronounce if you’re not from Long Island.