Speed Boat Catches Frisbee (Video)

Picture 11

Picture 111This is one frisbee catch you have got to see.

Have you ever had an amazing frisbee catch you just couldn’t believe? Well this catch, will surely make you reevaluate you’re “awesome” catch.

A new YouTube video went viral recently, and shares unbelievable footage of a boater catching a frisbee, sent off by a man on land.

According to UK’s Telegraph, the clip begins with Brodie Smith, who describes himself as a ‘frisbee trick-shot master.’ Smith soon launches the disc off of a bridge over the Swan River in Perth, Australia.

The frisbee flies through the air and viewers watch as a boat speeds up and a boy jumps off and makes the awesome catch.

“One of the most amazing catches you will ever see. The plan was for me to launch the frisbee out into the water and for the boat to drive up onto it so the ‘How Ridiculous’ boys can make the catch. However, Derek had other plans giving us the Incredible Speed Boat Catch!” reads the YouTube video’s caption.

Check it out.