Harry Morgan: Dead At 96

Associated Press
Harry Morgan (Associated Press)

Harry Morgan, best known for his role on hit show, “M*A*S*H,” died this morning in California.

Morgan, who famously played Colonel Sherman T. Potter, reportedly died at his home in Los Angeles at 96 years old.

According to the New York Times, Morgan’s son, Charles, confirmed his death, saying he was previously treated for pneumonia.

Morgan is survived by his second wife, Barbara Bushman and his three sons from his first marriage, Christopher, Charles and Paul. He’s also survived by his eight grandchildren.

Morgan’s first wife, Eileen Detchon died in 1985 and his fourth son, Daniel died in 1989.

Although, Morgan was notable in many television series and films, his role as Colonel Potter was his most famous. The role even earned him an Emmy Award in the 1980s for best supporting actor in a comedy series.

According to the Huffington Post, Morgan has appeared in nine other television shows, 50 films and has also graced Broadway.

Some of his other famous roles include Pete Porter in “Pete and Gladys” and “December Bride,” Detective Bill Gannon on “Dragnet,” and Amos Coogan on “Hec Ramsey.”

Morgan was born in 1915 in Detroit as Harry Bratsburg. As many actors do, he soon took on a stage name, Henry Morgan.  Morgan later settled for Harry to avoid confusion with Henry Morgan the comedian.


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