Katy Perry: Blue Hair (Photo)

Eric Berlanger / Splash News
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Eric Berlanger / Splash News

After a split it’s common for a girl to change things up. Like her hair.

Many girls give their locks a good ol’ chopping after a harsh break-up, signifying change. Recently, Katy Perry did too. The star even went that extra step and dyed her hair blue, possibly revealing the way she’s feeling.

It was recently that Perry and her husband Russell Brand announced they would be divorcing. No sooner did Perry step out sporting blue locks, complimenting her bright eyes.

According to E!, Perry was snapped with her new blue locks with fan Eric Berlanger  in Santa Barbara, Calif., where she was leaving the set of a commercial for the sportswear company.

Although it looks like Perry is wearing her heart on her hair, Berlanger said that Perry seemed happy.

“She was great, really nice, she seemed happy,” he told The Sun, “She was in a van and saw me. I waved and she made the driver of the van stop and she lowered the window and I went up to her and she put out her hand and said: ‘Hey its good to see you again!’

Perry then jumped out of the van, gave her fan a hug and took two pictures with him.

Perry’s colorist Rita Hazan alluded to the fact that the hair change has nothing to do with the split. She told Us Weekly about the new blue color saying, ”Katy wanted to go this particular color blue for a few weeks now.”

It’s also not the first time she took to the blue color. She also donned blue hair (a wig) while promoting her movie “Smurfs,” in which she starred in, playing Smurfette.

At one point, she also had pink hair. The 27-year-old sported bright pink locks for a while before she changed to a blonde bob with lavender highlights.

With all those color changes it’s hard to remember what Perry really is. She’s actually a natural blonde who became known for her jet-black hair she donned for most of her career before starting the color changing when she dyed her hair red in June.