‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Relationship Over?

Leah Messer Crying
(Credit: 21kisses.com)
Leah Messer Crying
(Credit: 21kisses.com)

Who has your vote? Leah and Corey or Leah and Jeremy?

Fans who are hoping for Leah to drop Jeremy Calvert and get back with ex-hubby Corey Simms might get their wish.

According to a new report in OK! magazine, “Teen Mom 2” fans can expect to see Leah and Jeremy’s engagement fall a part. The mag dished that the couple’s relationship is “plagued by jealousy and arguments,” and they even took a break earlier this year. Even though they are back together for now, they have massive issues to work through. Do they love each other enough to work figure out their slew of problems?

Adulterous Leah has been extremely jealous ever since she caught Jeremy with strippers in early February.

She found out Jeremy had been flirting with a stripper via text and making plans to hang out with her, according to Hollywood Life.

A friend revealed, “While Jeremy was in the shower, Leah saw that he received a text,” the friend tells In Touch. “She soon realized that Jeremy was chatting with another girl!”

Jeremy explained the girl was just a co-worker when Leah confronted him but she ultimately found out that Jeremy was lying to her.

Leah also found out that Jeremy was secretly going to strip clubs while he was away for work. ”She couldn’t believe that Jeremy would betray her,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “Leah broke down crying.”

She told a friend that Jeremy had been acting differently toward her ever since she had the miscarriage and suspected that something might have been going on.

Just to add to their relationship troubles, Jeremy believes Leah isn’t over Corey.

Yeah, they need major help.

Maybe a little does of trust will help solve Leah and Jeremy’s problems because you can’t have a healthy, happy relationship without it!