Tom Schaar Lands Skateboarding’s First 1080 (Video)

Picture 6

Picture 6

A recent video of a 12-year-old landing one of the hardest skateboarding tricks has gone viral and has the skateboarding world dropping jaws.

The 12-year-old is Tom Schaar who hails from Malibu, California and has become the first person to land a 1080, a trick that many skaters have deemed impossible.

The trick has never been landed by a skater, until now of course.

Red Bull describes the trick as “the holy grail of all skateboard tricks,” and says the historic first was a surprise coming from no super star skateboarder but a 12-year-old skater who has only skated for eight years now.

The young skateboarder is now being considered a “skate prodigy,” one that will likely knock Tony Hawk off his pedestal.

Schaar achieved the amazing feat while skating the MegaRamp at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA with cameras rolling.

The one problem with the location is that “The MegaRamp used for practice at the Woodward West camp provides some of the speed and velocity needed, but the 50-foot gap in the ramp hindered Tom’s ability to keep that momentum going all the way through to the quarter pipe to land the trick successfully,” reads the Red Bull USA website.

According to the Red Bull website, Schaar was able to land the trick thanks to their help as they created a custom built roll-over feature, allowing Scaar to drop in on the 70-foot-tall MegaRamp and roll right over the giant gap which allowed him to maintain his speed.

The video that captured Schaar’s trick was posted to YouTube earlier this week and has proved to be quite popular. It’s been viewed over 170,000 times since hitting the Internet. Check it out.