Ryan Seacrest Reveals He Will Cover Olympics For NBC On “Today” (Video)

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Picture 73For days “Today” has been hinting at an announcement from Ryan Seacrest and today they’ve finally revealed the news.

The E! and “American Idol” host will be joining the Olympic team. Well the NBC Olympic team at least.

The news came after Matt Lauer pushed for Seacrest to make the big reveal earlier on “Today.”

“I’ve worked with the E! network for years and NBC Universal and E! are in the same family. The plan is for me to join the NBC family and continue to have role at the E! network. The first assignment will be to join the primetime team for the Olympics on NBC,” Seacrest told Lauer after the host pressured him to announce his move.

Previously, Seacrest was rumored to be out for Lauer’s job and clearly Lauer was worried, “What kind of conversations have you had with NBC about joining the ‘Today’ show?” Lauer pushed. “I want names and dates!”

Lauer’s current contract with “Today” ends in December and according to Huffington Post, he’s reportedly close to signing a $25-million-a-year contract to remain with NBC.

Seacrest jokingly asked, “Oh they didn’t tell you?” and then added, “They were mostly about filling in to do weather.” But the joking was all in good fun and Lauer admitted he actually is friendly with the E! host and could see him on “Today.”

“Can I say something? I think you’d be great at this job,” Lauer said before admitting, “We have talked about this, joked about this,” and that “There is no tension here.”

Seacrest currently hosts shows for E! including “E! News” as well as various red carpet coverage, and has produced shows including the Kardashian reality shows as well as being the face of “American Idol.” He is also a prominent radio personality.

Check it out.

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