‘Pimp My Horse’ Video Goes Viral

Pimp My Horse
(Credit: YouTube)
Pimp My Horse
(Credit: YouTube)

If horse lovers were ever wondering if Xzibit would come to their barn and pimp their ride, the wait is over. The character “F Dubs” has made a parody of Xzibit’s “Pimp My Ride” where he transforms a horse into a blinging sensation. The YouTube video titled, “Pimp My Horse” has now gone viral with over two million views and almost 65 thousand likes.

“What’s up guys, my name is F Dubs and I have a love affair with horses. My boy Clint Jones, he gets no love with his stinky Stallion. But that’s all good we gonna change that on this week of ‘Pimp My Horse.’”

Clint Jones introduces his horse Flips, whose credentials read as: Name: Flip, Breed: Brown, Favorite Drink: Haytorade, Age: 7, Weight: 800 KG, Horsepower: 1.

The the video then shows the “DVR” being “forwarded” from about 26 seconds, to 26:11. At this point, F Dubs is ready to introduce Clint to his new, pimped out horse.

He starts out by saying, “All right. This is it Clint. The moment of truth, are you ready for this, you’re ready to see your new horse?”

Clint starts to lose his mind as he realizes his old, fuddy duddy horse has been morphed into a pimped out horse! The horse is now hooked up with chrome wheels and stunner shades. The stunner shades are the 2012 version of blinders!

Let’s not forget that “F Dubs” gave Flip a horn transforming him into a unicorn! “F Dubs” tells Clint, “That’s the only unicorn in the world because that horn is permanent!”

Since “F Dubs” is such a thoughtful and considerate guy, he transformed Flip’s behind into a bass so Clint can rock out to some jams while he rides his pimped out horse!

What do you think of the “Pimp My Horse” video?