“Call Papa Johns, Maybe?” (Video)

Picture 18

Picture 182We’ve all heard the song “Call Me Maybe?” but have you seen the many remake videos?

First there was the original, then a Justin Bieber remake and now a Papa John’s delivery man remake.

Three girls decided to do a YouTube remake of the “Call Me Maybe” video and invited a special guest star in. Unfortunately for Beliebers it’s not Justin Bieber who made a guest appearance in a previous YouTube video of the song.

Instead it was a pizza delivery guy from Papa John’s.

It’s hard to look right at you baby, but here’s my number so call me, maybe?” sings the trio before inviting the pizza delivery guy in. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me, maybe?” they sing together.

“Remaking the video of Call Me Maybe, and the Papa Johns delivery guy was chosen as a guest star in the video :),” reads the YouTube video that has over 75,000 hits since being posted April 14.

The song “Call Me Maybe,” comes from Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen, and is the lead single from her upcoming second album called “Curiosity.” The song was first released September 20 and by January was certified Platinum in Canada. The song eventually hit number one on the Canadian Hot 100.

Here’s where Bieber and fellow Canadian comes in. Upon hearing it, according to reports, Bieber said it was the “Catchiest song ever.”

He later released a video with girlfriend Selena Gomez and friend Ashley Tisdale goofing off and singing the lyrics wearing sunglasses with mustaches and holding bananas at times.

Many wondered if it was a PR move after Bieber reportedly helped get her signed to Bieber’s label, School Boy.

Unlike all of the remakes, the original video follows Jepsen vying for her hot neighbor’s attention. In a bid to get his attention, she moves to the car, where she washes it and strikes a pose. The move works and Jepsen finds her neighbor willing to check out her band.

Unfortunately, it turns out her neighbor wasn’t so much interested in her, as he was her bandmate. She goes to write down her number and give it to him but before she can, he gives his number to a bandmate.

Check it out. Could this be a true story or a secret marketing campaign by Papa John’s?