‘SNL’ Trayvon Martin Skit (Video)

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Picture 52“Saturday Night Live” is known for addressing some pretty intense topics. And this week that proved true when they took on the Travyon Martin case.

The one thing “SNL” always manages to do while covering a controversial topic is not insult or offend. This Saturday, instead of taking the topic head on, they took the controversial case and addressed Piers Morgan’s less-than-great coverage of it.

Host Taran Killam took on Morgan once again and discussed the case with different correspondents including an official from the Florida Tourism Board, actor and rapper Ice-T and celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West better known as “Kimye.”

Morgan asked the Florida Tourism Board official on his stance on the law Stand Your Ground.  When asked if the law should be changed, Jeremy Reff shot it down saying, “Crazy laws are what Florida is all about, it’s the number one reason why maniacs come to Florida after Disney World.”

He went on to name other interesting laws that make Florida so appealing to maniacs including Eye for an iPod, that allows a person to legally take an eye if they have taken an iPod,; Snooze you Lose, that allows people to come in and kill you if you are asleep; and See Ya Later Alligator, allows someone to feed you to an alligator if you leave without saying goodbye.

Morgan then cut to Ice-T, who talked Coco as in his wife Coco, mentioning her notable assets when asked his reaction to the Martin death. “I reacted the same way, every time I see my girl Coco’s ass, I say damn,” Ice-T said.

But most humorous was the interview with new couple “Kimye.” The two made hilarious remarks throughout the entire interview. One of the funnier remarks was when Morgan asked if the couple was advocating on behalf of Trayvon.

“Without a doubt, I feel for him fam, maybe it’s just the black man in me,” Kanye says to which Kim adds “I also know what it feels like to have a black man in me.”

The hilarious skit was well taken and proved quite popular. Later on, the real Piers even had to comment. He took to Twitter to comment on the constant using of his character, tweeting, “I think it’s time I hosted #SNL- they’re using me every week for ratings anyway. May as well get paid for it…Lorne?”

Check it out. What do you think?