‘Smile’ Video Goes Viral: Hysterical Poses in ‘Smile’ Video

(Credit: YouTube)
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(Credit: YouTube)

In the age of Facebook and iPhones, people are taking pictures left and right. Or at least they think pictures are being taken.

Dean Fleischer-Camp decided to put together a compilation of clips where people thought they were being photographed instead of being filmed to shows us how awkward we all look while posing for a photograph.

Dean has posted a video every six months for the last year and half and both of those videos have gotten millions of views. Though “Smile” hasn’t even hit a million yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if it gathered just as many views as his other videos.

“Smile” shows us how silly everyone looks when they’re trying to capture that perfect moment in time: whether it be a funny moment or that alluring look someone gives to the camera that you know will be their Facebook profile picture in a matter of hours. It just looks plain ridiculous while you’re doing it.

There’s only one girl who speaks in the video and she calls the person filming “the worst” multiple times.

At the end of the video she’s finally caught on to him, “Now I don’t know what to say.” Another voice answers, “Well, it’s not taking a video.” She then goes on to mock him, “If you’re taking a movie I’m just going to delete it psycho.”

Though she attempts to take the phone out of his hands she did not succeed. The guy filming, who she calls Jeremy, was able to keep the videos in order to put them together to perform the “Smile” video posted on YouTube.

What’s your favorite awkward moment in the “Smile” video? If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.