Governor Christie And Mayor Booker “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This” [Video]

Picture 107New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stars in a new video that’s gone viral recently. The over 3-minute clip comes as a spoof about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seeking a running mate.

The funny mini-flick plays up heroic Newark Mayor Anthony Booker, who recently saved a neighbor from being trapped in a house fire.

The video opens with Christie overhearing a conversation in which two of his assistants opt for more town hall videos.

“Screw it, four town halls a week, the rest of the year,” one man is overheard saying. Another adds, “We’ll just change the music and the banners, he’ll never know.”

Christie sure has a problem with this.

“More town halls, are those two kidding me, easy for them to say, they never even show up at the town halls,” he says. “I can’t take one more question about flooding, I don’t want anymore questions about being vice president, and these kids, these kids with all these questions, I can’t take it anymore.”

“They’ve got to come up with some better ideas than that,” he says. His bigger and better idea involves him bringing a fire extinguisher to a police office where he offers his assistance. Christie is turned down when Booker shows up and is assigned to handle a handful of emergencies.

“Governor, I got this,” Booker says before running out of the room to attend to his many emergency situations.

In the next sequence, the rivalry intensifies.

Christie’s car gets a flat and Booker appears to fix it.

“Sit tight, I got this,” he says. Then, Booker manages to save a concert by lending his spare guitar to the act and spares a baby from plummeting to its death, when he pushes Christie out of the way to catch it.

The video ends with Booker on the phone with Romney, who’s looking for a vice presidential running mate.

Booker says, “I’m no number two guy, I’m no background singer” to which Christie appears to announce “I got this” as he takes the phone.

Check it out.