B-List B-Day: Joe “I’ll Call You Maybe” Jonas

B-List B-Day

Joe “I’ll Call You Maybe” Jonas

31BListBdayAugust 15, 1989

Joe Jonas, a Leo, is mainly known as a member of the Jonas Brothers, the three-brother boy band from the Jersey Shore. However, he’s much more than that; he’s an actor, a solo artist, and, like many Leos, a heartbreaker.

Of course, you can’t really call guest starring on Hannah Montana acting, but perhaps we’re selling him a bit short. He did film a Disney Channel Original Movie with his brothers, and he also starred in a Jonas Brothers reality TV show and original series. See? Much better. Someone give this man an Academy Award.

His solo album, Fastlife, was released on October 11, 2011, and sold 25,000 copies over the next two months… As for his heartbreaker status, it was established after he famously, or perhaps, infamously, dumped Taylor Swift over the phone in October 2008.

Leos are said to have good reasons for ending their relationships, but really, over the phone?

C’mon son.