The Best Pole Dance You Will (Probably) See Today (Yes, it’s SFW)

Pole Dance Video

Pole Dance Video

Ah, the pole dance. Despite its normally-NSFW implications, this strip club staple has spawned a burgeoning exercise and exhibition industry, where the athletic and artistic qualities of a performer are spotlighted, instead of the whole show simply being a conduit to coax dollar bills from ogling patrons.

Now, this video is not new. It’s low resolution. Grainy and sometimes shaky. It takes a little while to get to the good stuff. But we came across it, hadn’t seen it before, and quite honestly, collectively marveled at it.

If you’ve never seen it, here’s what’s probably going to happen.

Click ‘Play’… Think to self, “This better be safe for work”… watch… wait… watch… Say to yourself, “What is this crap?”… wait… watch… Say “Uh oh, that better be all she takes off!”… wait… watch… Continue to be skeptical… Say to yourself, “OK… Here it goes… OK…. That’s cool. She must be strong… Oh cool. Oh. OH! OHH! …. Wow… WOW!” etc., etc.

Her name is Jenyne Butterfly, and she is awesome.

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And don’t try this at home.

(Unless it’s you, Eve.)