Nassau Announces Seized Vehicle Auctions

Nearly two dozen vehicles seized during criminal investigations are slated to hit the auction block by the end of this month.

Twenty three vehicles forfeited by crooks to Nassau County authorities will be bid on over two dates. Nineteen will be auctioned off at noon Jan. 23 and the other four will be auctioned at noon Jan. 30 through Internet auctions at Copart.com.

“There is a certain poetic justice in using the money raised from these auctions to fund anti-crime programs designed to keep our communities safe,” Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said.

Auction proceeds from go to both New York State and the county to be used to pay restitution to victims, and fund anti-drug efforts and crime-reduction programs in local communities.

The vehicles include a BMW and several SUVs, some of which were involved in collisions. The prior owners had been convicted of driving while intoxicated, drug possession, vehicular assault and other charges.

Vehicles can be inspected Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1983 Montauk Hwy in Brookhaven. For a full list of the vehicles, click here.