The Beach Boys ‘I Get Around’ (Like You’ve Never Heard It Before)


The Beach Boys - I Get Around

Man, oh man. I sure do wish I was a heck of a lot older!

What I mean is, how swell it musta been to be around during the hey day of music greats like The Beach Boys!

Man, this winter cold sure is a bummer. And just listening to these American icons gets me thinking about beaches, babes, bikinis and bellyflops. Though not necessarily in that order. And not necessarily bellyflops or beaches.

But gosh dag nab darnit, since I wasn’t even a twinkle in my biological dad’s eye when “I Get Around” was number one with a bullet, I never truly appreciated the hip grooviness of The Beach Boys.

That all changed this morning.

And it’s just something I had to share.

So please join me in celebrating the arrival of Spring, even if it’s not quite beach weather, by watching this awe-inspiring performance of “I Get Around,” by America’s great musical treasures, The Beach Boys.