Game of Thrones: The Movie?

Game of Thrones

Not really.

But let’s play a game of What If!

What if HBO’s smash hit TV series Game of Thrones somehow became a movie, about a ragtag bunch of workers at a renaissance fair-styled amusement park?

What if the team behind the completely and utterly fantastically hilarious Bad Lip Reading series took on this hypothetical challenge with a priceless reworking of scenes from the show?

What if it was a video on YouTube?

What if I wrote about it here in the form of a bunch of What If? questions?

What if you read these What If? questions, and then watched the video?

What if you laughed?

What if you shared this post on Facebook and Twitter and at the PTA meeting and to a panhandler you encounter on your way to lunch.

What if I stopped with the