PSEG Long Island Warns of Email Bill Pay Scam

PSEG Long Island Thursday warned that scammers have attempted to steal customers’ personal information with fraudulent emails sent in the utility’s name.

The emails appear as bills and request personal information from the customer, which could lead to identity theft, the utility said.

PSEG Long Island, which took over the electric grid from LIPA on Jan. 1, was alerted to the scam by customers who have already received bogus emails.

Ratepayers should only provide personal information through the “My Account” portal on its website, PSEG Long Island said.

“We take very seriously any attempt to defraud our customers,” Dan Eichhorn, vice president, customer services, PSEG Long Island, said in a statement. “We ask our customers to be wary of emails that demand immediate payment and threaten service termination.”

Eichhorn said customers should delete suspicious emails and call the company at 1-800-490-0025 to report it. Additionally, customers shouldn’t download any attachments or click on any links embedded in the email.

It was unclear how many customers have already been affected, but a PSEG Long Island spokesman, Jeffrey Weir, said “it was enough for us to want to go ahead and notify people.”

Law enforcement has also been notified about the scam, Weir said.