Horoscopes By PsychicDeb – October 2015


Aries – Grand Cross (Pluto in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Libra and Uranus in Aries) – anxiety over a financial matter may account for arguments with a partner or mate. Most of the month will be problematic. Be prepared to contend with last minute expenditures concerning a relative. Eventually, someone comes through with help.

Taurus – Ruling planet in 4th house – with Venus taking up residence in your social arena for the next few weeks, you should have no trouble filling in your calendar with exciting invitations.

Gemini – Ruling planet in 5th house – there will be more opportunities than you ever imagined for a new romance is in the stars for you now. You can afford to take your time before making commitments.

Cancer – Moon in the 1st house – with the Moon in your sign, you’re able to get new projects off the ground quickly. Lady luck is on your side; make the most of this opportunity.

Leo – Venus in the 1st house; ruling planet in the 3rd house – you are blessed with personal magnetism and charm this month. Join friends for a good time. Be as important to yourself as you are to others.

Virgo – Jupiter in the 1st house – a change may be in the air and you must be willing to go with the flow. If a family decision is necessary, call on your wit to keep it pleasant.

Libra – Ruling planet in the 11th house – associating with others is one of your very favorite things and you’ll have plenty of chances to indulge this month. Your friends make you feel good now; full of optimism, generosity and fun. You’re eager to share your good fortune with them.

Scorpio – Venus squared to your natal Sun – take care not to fumble any lucrative long-term agreements that could improve your future security. You may get a preview of the future later on.

Sagittarius – Saturn in the 1st house – ambition is the name of the game this month. If you use your power of persuasion and make the right impression, you can go right to the top.

Capricorn – the Moon opposite your natal Sun – the New Moon promises a new chapter in your job prospectus. Financial advancement can spur you on to new heights. Travel can also be broadening.

Aquarius – Venus opposite your natal Sun – you will notice kindness and consideration to and from friends, along with humanitarian feelings toward people in general. Volunteer work can feel very rewarding to you now.

Pisces – Mars and Jupiter opposite your natal Sun – be alert to petty problems that could cause your blood to boil. Investigate each situation carefully then count to 10. Watch your money.


Psychicdeb has been a professional astrologer for over 25 yrs. Self-taught, she began her studies in astrology when she was 8 yrs. old learning what she could from her mother’s astrology magazines. As she got older and learned geometry, she searched for books on Astrology and taught herself how to construct a chart. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. Psychicdeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Namaste. You can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: www.astro-mate.org